During the recession in the mid-1970s my father Emil Capita, founder of Capita Foundation, said as demand decreased for products, large US manufacturing companies would be forced to lay off workers, but not their research scientists and engineers who were in charge of running production during economic prosperity. Instead Emil believed these large US companies opted to assign their research scientists and engineers to work on new innovative research projects that would produce the new, improved products for manufacturing when economic growth would return. Emil Capita knew this because he ran a business manufacturing induction heating equipment that was frequently used for research and development projects for companies like Western Electric, Corning Glass, Materials Research Lab, Raytheon, Texas Instruments and many others. And it was true. Orders for custom equipment that was used specifically for research and development by these companies increased in times of recession.

 I tend to believe that there is the same inverse cycle for scientists and engineers involved in the non-profit medical research industry and I hope that all vital and important research projects, that non-profit organizations could not find funding for throughout this long recession, are able to somehow find financial support. I worry for those research scientists with newly established labs. They effectively run a small business, and grapple with what to do when income is significantly reduced. The Capita Foundation is proud to have sustained the amount of funding to cutting edge hearing research projects even during this serious do class="floatright" wnturn in our economy.

With the current recession still looming, now more than ever, Capita Foundation needs to be diligent and continue to fund outstanding hearing research projects of considerable merit and innovation. New research shall improve the lives of those with hearing disorders and prevent acquired hearing disorders.I look forward to Capita Foundation funding current new projects, and we remain committed to raising awareness for the need for support of cutting edge hearing research. Supporting research stimulates the economy by enabling labs to purchase equipment and support salaries of postdocs, which helps other areas of the economy. The woes of the economy worldwide will hopefully eventually heal themselves, but in the meantime let’s keep working to support the immensely dedicated individuals of the non-profit scientific and engineering community, who do so much to improve the future of our hearing health.

Thank you,


 Robert E. Capita, President and CEO The Capita Foundation